Free Tennis Lessons in Phoenix

I was trying to get started in tennis and was searching high and low for a tennis coach.  I did not know how who the best coach was or how to really tell some of my friends recommended I go to a tennis club and look for one.  I found a coach who gives free tennis lessons in Phoenix for first time students to try out and have stuck with him ever since.  I was a beginner when I started and he says I am about a 3.5 on the USTA scale.  I have been taking lessons for about a year and a half with irregular consistency but always trying to learn something new.

I think the tennis serve is about the hardest shot to learn and master as there are so many different ways to hit.  I am trying to add a kick serve to my game so that I can have a solid second serve to depend on once I start playing competitively.  I advise people to try and play as much as possible and try to find someone to learn the game with you. If you have kids then that is the best way as you can try to learn the game together and it makes it easier to find someone to  play with on the spot.  I started learning with my son and its been really positive for the both of us.  He is starting on his high school team now and is really enjoying it which makes it all worth it for me.  I think of all the sports tennis is the most difficult as there are so many things to learn and perfect but it is very rewarding.

Some shots like the forehand come more naturally and are alot easier to learn.  Backhands are not as bed as most people make it out to be but not as much of a weapon either.  My serve and volley game is not as good as i would like it to be right now and I am wanting to improve on this aspect.  Volleying seems like the easiest shot in tennis but its more of the mental thing of being passed time and time again when coming to the net.  Seems like a lot of work on the servers part to try and get to the net quickly. This will get better as i play more doubles matches and learn to hit that kick serve to give me more time to get to the net.

I have set a goal for myself to start playing tennis tournaments by the end of the summer ready or not I want to challenge myself to the next level.  I just bought a new racket so with that will come some new adjustments but I think its better for an all around type of game.  Maybe I will even play some doubles once I found steady and reliable tennis partner to practice and compete with.